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GP&S Enterprises, LLC was established in 1991 and operates two fully functional facilities in Parkersburg, WV and Nitro, WV. These facilities support the market base of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia through direct sales coverage, as well as a large customer base across the entire United States via internet marketing. The core product lines represented by GP&S are focused on the static and dynamic sealing of fluids and gases, as well as pumping systems, expansion joints/transition pieces, fasteners, lubrication and filtration. Through the day to day business relationship that has developed with our customers across the country, GP&S continues to diversify its product offering to become a more all-inclusive supplier while staying within its core areas of focus and expertise.

GP&S Enterprises, LLC Mission Statement

It is appropriate to provide the mission statement of GP&S Enterprises, LLC as it defines the premise for which the company was developed and now operates.

“To become the leading supplier of static and dynamic sealing products, pumping systems, lubrication and filtration through a primary business focus of exceeding customer expectations for service, technical aptitude, and the distribution of high quality goods produced by leading manufacturers in their industry”.

In today’s commodity markets where product differentiation is minimal, it is the level of service provided to customers that makes the difference. The company’s business philosophy has, and will always be, to delight its customers with unparalleled service, which over time has built trust and assurance that any job awarded to GP&S would be completed as requested.

The strategic intent of the company includes growth, and can only be successful with an aligned practice that promotes the extension of business beyond its existing boundaries. Therefore, as industry in general continues to cut back on staff to remain competitive in a global marketplace, customers are motivated to award more responsibility and business to GP&S in order to meet their objectives. GP&S is a service oriented company that understands the traditional and special needs of its customer base, and is able to provide many different programs that provide maximum potential for reliability improvement, which reduces cost as a long term result. The GP&S Enterprises, LLC business philosophy of “Total Customer Satisfaction” continues to build new business relationships year after year.

GP&S staff is available to assist customers through office hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST during the week, and are on call during the evening hours, holidays and weekends to serve its customer’s emergency needs. Simply call 304-422-3880 or toll free at 866-458-7325 and an answering service will put you in contact with one of our staff.