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GP&S Packing - Pump - ARAMID FIBER


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Construction: Multi-Lok Braid
Features: A proprietary blend of non-asbestos TEK-PRO yarns treated with PTFE throughout the body of the packing. The PTFE suspensoid thoroughly impregnates, seals and fills all voids providing better resistance to chemical attack. A light lubricant is applied under pressure to improve run-in properties.
Equipment: Rotating and reciprocating pump and valve equipment, mixers and agitators.
Recommended For: Pulp and paper mill applications, recovery pumps, chemical applications and caustic soda
Limitations: Shaft speed to 1885 FPM
Temperatures to 550F/ 288C
pH range 3 12

Remarks: The TEK-PRO yarns retain a greater volume of PTFE dispersion and are more uniformly distributed to provide longer and better sealing.