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GP&S Packing - Pump - GRAPHITE YARN


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Construction: Multi-Lok Braid
Features: ML 4444 is made of the highest quality and chemically resistant graphite yarns, which are twisted together and braided in a Multi-Lok fashion. This packing has an extremely low coefficient of friction, and the light weight yarn provides more feet of length per pound than standard non-asbestos or PTFE packing. Graphite is a heat conductor and dissipates heat into the stuffing box, permitting higher shaft speeds and less leakage than other packings.
Equipment: Our best packing for top separators and outlet devices on continuous pulp digesters. ML 4444 can be used on all rotating and reciprocating shafts, valves and agitators.
Recommended For: Strong caustics, acids, chemicals and high pressure steam
Limitations: Temperatures to 1200°F/649°C in steam and 800°F/427°C in oxidizing atmospheres
pH range 0 – 14
Not recommended for fuming nitric acid, oleum and fluorine.