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CAD Design Services

GP&S Enterprises, LLC continues to diversify its products and services offering, while still staying in alignment with the core focus of the company, in order to provide a more all-inclusive program to its customers. As most customers are seeking ways to reduce cost on the products they purchase, many have decided to search out alternative suppliers for their non-critical spare parts, as opposed to maintaining the purchase of these items through the original equipment manufacturer. As almost all manufacturers source their gasket needs from an outside company, there is a high probability that they are made from materials that are commonly used in the gasket industry. Therefore, the same materials can be cut and provided by GP&S at a traditionally lower cost than what is currently being paid to the original equipment manufacturer.

The process of conversion typically begins with the development of geometry through manual measurement of the individual items, which are then converted to an electronic file through the use of CAD software. This work process enables the use of automated cutting equipment or the development of detail drawings for future reference. This service of measurement and replication is traditionally an internal process. However, if customers are interested in maintaining their own records of gasket geometry, detail drawings can be completed and supplied on a fee basis.

For more information about GP&S Enterprises, LLC and the conversion of your original equipment manufacturer gaskets, please contact one of our Application Specialists at 1-866-458-7325.