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Automated Cutting Services

GP&S Enterprises, LLC utilizes two ATOM automated gasket cutters, in conjunction with various other pieces of equipment, to meet the demand for cut gaskets from its customers. These machines accept DXF format geometry as input data to create the desired gasket shape. All forms of compressed non-asbestos materials, filled PTFE, graphite, rubber and metal inserted materials can be cut on this equipment with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The ability to cut non-standard geometric shapes without manual fabrication or the development of a cutting die, allows GP&S to respond to the quick production needs of its customers without needless cost and delay. Once produced, the geometry is stored for future use by both the customer’s part number and an internal part number to prevent duplication of effort on future needs. This type of technology has allowed GP&S to vastly increase its production capability while keeping overhead costs to a minimum. The benefit to our customers is a quality cut product, regardless of the complexity of shape or quantity required, that can be provided in a short period of time at a very competitive price.

For more information about GP&S Enterprises, LLC and its ability to serve your needs please contact one of our Application Specialists at 1-866-458-7325.